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of programming and new technologies

A unique program aimed at young people who want to start their adventure with modern technologies and programming.

About program

Are you interested in programming and new technologies?

Do you want to quickly develop your skills and gain commercial experience?
Our academy program is for you!

Our mission

We created the Cetus Academy to inspire and educate young people in the field of programming and new technologies. We have a lot of talented and ambitious young people in Podkarpacie. The traditional model of education does not allow them to spread their wings and does not use their potential.
At the Cetus Academy, we show them alternative ways of acquiring and using knowledge and help them take their first steps in the new technology industry. Thanks to our support, they have a chance to become programming specialists and innovators creating modern technologies in a short time.
We want as many young people as possible to create technology companies with a global reach based in Podkarpacie.

Choose a dedicated development path

You can choose the path of development that suits you
.NET Backend Developer
As a backend layer developer, you will learn the secrets of designing advanced business logic. You will work in C # and ASP .NET Core technologies.
Mobile React Native Developer
As a mobile application developer, you will learn the secrets of designing applications for Android and iOS. You will work in JS and React Native technologies.
Frontend React Developer
As a frontend layer developer, you will learn the secrets of designing web application interfaces. You will work in HTML, CSS, JS, React technologies.

Find out more

Participation in the academy is free. You do not incur any costs.

Participation in one edition of the academy lasts 3 months.

You can resign from participation in the academy at any time without any consequences.

Yes. You can change your development path while participating in the academy.

The entire academy is carried out remotely.

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